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Article: How To Look Goth Without Makeup?

How To Look Goth Without Makeup?

How To Look Goth Without Makeup?

Are you curious to know is it possible to have gothic look without makeup? Then the answer is yes. For this you just need to have Gothic clothing selection, hairstyles, and even attitudes that ensure your gothic look. Every goth can select whether they prefer makeup or they would create a makeup free look.

Gothic look is not linked only with makeup there are several key elements that embrace a gothic aesthetic without wearing makeup. For this just pay attention to the other elements of a gothic look such as clothing, hairstyles, nails, accessories, and colors. Whether you are going without makeup for an interview or a visit from family members, focusing on other elements can assist you achieve the perfect makeup-free gothic look.

In this article, we are going to explore different ways to achieve a goth aesthetic without relying on makeup with goth dress. So keep reading.


Embracing Goth Fashion

Gothic fashion is a style, and everyone is free to choose it regardless of gender. Goth subculture let people exhibit their creativity, individualism, and self expression through clothes.

People attract to gothic fashion for various reasons. Some of them value the cultural importance of gothic art literature, and music and some would love the dark theme related to this subculture. Some individuals also attracted to it’s history.

1. Dressing Part

Gothic clothing is the stone foundation of creating your personal goth style. If you want to go for gothic fashion style, then must incorporate darks colors such as deep purple, red, and black into your wardrobe. Velvet, leather, and lace are go to fabrics for gothic fashion.

You should choose dresses with gothic details like corset lacing, chains, buckles, or occult emblems. Black dresses, shirts with sheer elements or lace, fishnet stockings, skirts with unique and elegant textures, and leather jackets are main items in gothic clothing. So, select from these and create your own personal gothic style.

For instance, a goth crop top matched with a long black shirt creates a beautiful gothic look.

You don’t need to wear makeup to stand out if your distinctive clothes serve as the focus point. Remember, addition of skeleton belt, or vintage belt would highlight your entire gothic look. 

Goth dress speak for itself, so whether you opt a black leather or a pastel goth look, wearing goth style clothes will make your look.

If you want goth style clothes Shasilo is a perfect choice. You can choose the goth dress according to your interest. We offer every type of goth clothing including plus-size goth clothes, plus-size gothic dress, plus-size punk clothing, cyber goth clothing, oversized cardigans, satin midi dresses, gothic hoodies, mesh maxi dresses, snake dress, and much more.

There are some other clothing styles that are combined with goth style to look more beautiful. These are:

  • Whimsigoth Clothing:This clothing style combines gothic undertones with elements of whimsy, creating a playful and distinctive yet dark style.
  • Cyber Goth Clothing: Cyber goths primarily wear black clothing with hints of neon colors, as well as clothing made of PVC and reflective materials, and huge platform boots. Their hair extensions often incorporate a bright color.
  • Opium Clothing:This clothing often reflects a fusion of alternative and contemporary styles, characterized by bold statements and edgy designs.
  • Witchy Clothing:This clothing draws inspiration from nature and mysticism, featuring occult symbols, dark hues, and flowing silhouettes.



2. Signature Pieces

You should add some chic and edgy signature pieces to your look to dress like a goth and still look fashionable. These signature pieces are key elements to your goth wardrobe.

Start thinking beyond the usual jewelry and opt for some signature pieces such as layered clothing, a white brimmed hat, a gothic hoodie, a choker decorated with spikes, dark hued coats, and black boots.

These statement pieces not just add an extra layer of fashion but also add assist you to polish and enhance your overall gothic look.

3. Accessorizing

Accessories are most important factor in goth look, and they frequently transform a simple black suit into something that is called as goth.

Opt for objects with gothic motifs like statement rings, studded or spiked belts, choker necklaces, fingerless gloves, wrist cuffs, crosses, skulls, moon phases, or bats; they all look elegant and great with goth dress.

For instance, when attempting to style like a goth, a vintage or skeleton belt is the perfect way to add accessories to your gothic look. Moreover, a pair of dark sunglasses will enhance that edgy, dark vibe.

If you are searching for goth accessories, just click here, and you will have plenty of options to choose from.


Hairstyle and Color

Hair colors come in a variety of hues but the thing that remains static is the need of a right color to complete gothy look. To create an authentic look, consider matching the hair color with your mood, and continue going towards the darker side.

If we talk about creating a gothy look, coloring your hair is not the only option. Yes! You read it right. You can also impact a gothy essence with your hair style or cutting. To boost the elegance of your look and complete it, incorporate hair accessories such as elaborate designs, bats, and spiked hairpins. Besides these options, a teasing hair comb would also be a nice complement. Not only will it help you generate a nice hair style but also will add charm to your entire look.

1. Bold Hair Choices

If you want to express yourself in a nice yet distinct way, Gothic hair color is a nice option for you. How so? Because it allows people to opt for a unique style that does not follow the traditional beauty standards to express your personality.

Besides, these hair colors keep the gazes hooked and present you in an elegant and unique way possible. If you have finally decided to try a Gothic look this time, you can experiment with blue, deep red, jet black, and purple hair color to craft a different look for any occasion you want. Doing so, you can add a stark contrast to your overall look. Interestingly, if you are not a fan of permanently coloring your hair, you can use temporary color sprays to satisfy your inner stylist.

2. Hairstyles

There are a variety of goth hairstyles you can choose from, including backcombed, hell and back, and sleek and glossy. Goth hairstyles are usually daring and inventive and typically reflect a defiant attitude towards beauty standards.

If you are looking for beautiful gothic hairstyles, then messy buns, braids with ribbons, and sharp, angular cuts are perfect choice. Here are a few beautiful hairstyles that will definitely enhance your goth look.

3. Messy Bob

This is the simple and easy hairstyle recommended for short hairs. If you want to try this hairstyle, use a curling iron to make curls and waves, then break them apart using your fingers.

4. Fishtail Crown Braids

Fishtail crown braids are the best option to complete your gothic look. Gothic hairstyles beautifully embrace both the well-executed and somewhat disheveled looks within the same style. This is evident by the fascination of fishtail braids shown below.

5. Micro Fringe

You’re going to create a goth look? A baby bang is the perfect hairstyle to choose. Make a bang that sits well over your forehead and then mix it with some texture.


Gothic Accessories and Footwear

Gothic accessories and footwear are equally significant in gothy look. In fact, some claim that accessories are more important than the goth dress as it brings life to your entire goth look.

1. Footwear

Goth fashion depends heavily on footwear you choose. Embrace the goth aesthetic with chunky black boots that are both scary and stylish. However, does not limit yourself to only boots. There are various styles to discover.

Go for footwear that matches your elegant goth style. Choose from combat boots, creepers, platform shoes, ankle boots with straps and buckles, platform boots, Victorian-style boots, or velvet ballet flats with skull buckles.

Look for designs with edgier and a darker vibe to complement your entire look. The options are limitless, and each one will add a descent and elegant vibe to your goth style.

2. DIY Accessories

It may be difficult to locate beautiful and reasonably priced goth accessories online and in store. You can easily transform your look by adding some beautiful jewelry pieces or a elegant pair of shoes to your costume. Accessories can be pricey, that is why do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are so useful.

You can also adopt the DIY culture and make your own accessories. You can add some gothic features to your look, like beaded jewelry with black jewels and spikes to collars.

When choosing jewelry, forget about the usual jewelry. Consider wearing striking necklaces with moon pentagrams or pendants to express your mystical and gothy side.

There are numerous other symbols that can also give a depth mystery vibe to your look. Consider a ring with a miniature bats, or a delicate anklet with a small coffin charm. These simple items can have a significant impact and can enhance your entire goth style.

Additionally, don’t forget the power of rings. Gothic rings are more than just accessories. They are the expressions of tour flair and originality.

You should also add unique and beautiful bags to your look. Choose ominous and dark designs that combine functionality and style. If you want to buy bags that enhance your goth look, then Shasilo is the best option for you. We offer you a variety of bags.

In goth aesthetic, more is usually better. So why not include a veil (ideal for creating a sense of intrigue and mystery)? Or a white-brimmed hat? Perhaps, a pair of fingerless gloves with ribbons and lace will add a luxury touch to your look.

The main point is to experiment and find the accessories that enhance your gothic look and complement your personal style.


Embracing Goth Culture Beyond Aesthetics

Goth subculture has altered over the course of time, embracing parts of metal, punk, and other subcultures. But it is still a prominent and dynamic force in society!

1. Music and Literature

Understanding the history of goth subculture, including it’s literary and music influences, is crucial for appreciating it’s multifaceted nature and enduring influence.

Goth culture, which emerged in the later part of 1970s and earlier part of 1980s, combines literature, music, and aesthetics to create a tapestry of reflection and dark beauty. Goth subculture promotes curiosity and individualism through unique fashion choices, haunting melodies, and melancholy lyrics.

Goth culture is an aesthetic that celebrates unorthodox, letting us just go into our inner depths and explore beauty in the darkness.

Goth subculture has a fantastic effect on the music, television, and literature. The classic gothic novels, bizarre series, and visually captivating films demonstrates the gothic subculture’s affinity towards darkness and beauty.

2. Art and DIY Ethic

Modern goth subculture priorities DIY (do-it-yourself) ethics and art. This subculture has beautiful values and it supports the culture of self expression and self sufficiency. It let people  express their mental thoughts.

Many aspects of goth subculture including fashion and zine making apply the DIY mentality. Adding more, it promotes political activism and let people express their thoughts on subjects like anti-racism, anti-fascism, and animal rights.

The goth individuals also love expressing their thoughts via crafting, writing, and drawing. So, if you are a goth, pick up the pen and express your goth identity and thoughts via writing, drawing, or crafting.


Thus, being a goth but without face makeup broadens the scope of creativity. By focusing on fashion, disrespecting conventional norms, and using clothes to show individuality one can create a unique and authentic gothic style. Through drawing inspiration from outfits composed of black, sophisticated clothing, combining eccentric accessories, and pursuing an individual sense of fashion, you will easily create a distinctly goth one. Don't forget, the base of it all is self-expression, self-confidence, and owning that dramatic side of fashion. To discover a collection of gothic clothing, go to, an alternative fashion brand which will boost your style and take you on a voyage of self-discovery through clothes.

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