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Article: What Type of Goth Am I?

What Type of Goth Am I?

What Type of Goth Am I?

Variety is the spice of life; one of such variety, especially in fashion, is goth culture.

 Finding its roots in the 1970s, goth culture is often characterized by an association with dark aesthetics. It is a music category, a lifestyle and a fashion style that has evolved over the years to various subsects.

 However, is that all there is to know about goth culture? Did you know that Goth clothing is hinged on diversity and represented in different ways in various geographical locations? Each subculture under the goth culture helps individuals find self-expression and aesthetics. For example, there is the traditional goth, Victorian goth, etc.

 There are different goth subtypes, each appealing to other people's styles. You must understand these subtypes to tailor your needs and express yourself as a goth enthusiast.

 Are you into goth clothing and still need to find your style? Or are you just starting on your goth journey?  Then you are in the right place! This article will walk you through everything you need about goth clothing and your style. Don't stop scrolling!

Traditional Goth (Goth Rock Goth)

Traditional Goth, or Goth Rock Goth, is a significant subculture of the Goth movement. This style has a distinct vintage aesthetic, and its primary inspiration comes from the nineties gothic rock and post-punk music scenes.

 Traditional goth became popular in the 1970s and 1980s. During this period, gothic rock bands like Bauhaus, Siouxsie, The Cute, and Banshees were in vogue. These bands played an important role in shaping traditional goth's sound and visual aesthetic. Most traditional goth lovers listen to goth-specific music because this subculture style can inherently be traced to gothic rock bands.

 You need to incorporate some key fashion elements to get the vintage style of the goth traditional look. Let's check them out!

  • Dark Clothing: What is a traditional goth without dark goth clothing? Dark clothing is the most sought-after colour for conventional gothic. Whether you want to throw in a casual jacket or some jeans, remember that to achieve a traditional goth style, it has to be black.
  • Iconic Band Tees: Traditional goths are passionate about gothic rock bands. Most times, they wear their favourite band tees as a way of showing passion and excitement. It is a way of showing that they genuinely belong to a community.
  • Dramatic Makeup: Dramatic Makeup is one of the features that stands out in traditional goth. The makeup is usually monochrome. It mainly features jet-black lipstick, a thick line of black eyeliner, and creamy white makeup. This makeup makes traditional goths stand out in the crowd.

    Cyber Goth

    Here's a little fun fact — the word “cybergoth” was coined in the late 1980s by a tabletop game developer, Games Workshop, for his role-playing game called “Dark Future.” After the game was developed, it took another ten years before cyber goth developed its popularity as a fashion phenomenon. The best description of the cyber goth dress is this: a fusion of the goth and rave culture.

    Cybergoth fashion combines gothic, raver, and industrial elements. It also draws inspiration from science fiction and cyberpunk themes. Some people would refer to cybergoth as a fashion-forward goth, as it incorporates many bright colours instead of the monochrome colours associated with goth culture. Also, people who dress the part use modern forms, like goth crop top.

    In most cases, cyber goths are usually into the “electronic” type of music. This electronic type of music combines the driving beat of industrial with the fast tempo and dance qualities of trance and techno.

    Here are some things you need to incorporate to dress the cyber goth part:

    • Neon Colors: Cybergoths usually wear bright and reflective colours. However, it is not abnormal to see cybergoths dressed all in black. Common colours that cybergoths wear include red, blue, neon green, chrome, and pink.


    • Futuristic Accessories: Accessories constitute an essential part of cybergoth fashion. These futuristic accessories are highly influenced by industrial culture revolving around industrial music and include goggles, platform boots, gas masks, and medical masks. Additional accessories include furry leg warmers or boot covers made of faux fur and worn over the Cybergoth’s footwear.


    • PVC or Leather Clothing: Cybergoths express their style with different clothing materials, the most common of which is PVC or leather clothing. These materials are paired with other accessories to give the perfect cybergoth look.

    Victorian Goth

    Victorian Goth is a fusion of Victorian fashion with Goth. Although it began at the end of the nineteenth century, one must distinguish it from romantic goth. This style can be achieved by wearing dark-coloured Victorian-era clothing with a dull/greyed background.

     For this goth, style, fashion and clothing matter. The style specifics are as enchanting as they are grand. This style features antique-looking clothing adorned with intricate lace, ruffles, and velvet, which reign supreme. For the ladies, Corsets, goth dresses, lace gloves, and period accessories add a touch of vintage charm.

     A major cultural influence on this style is Victorian literature. When you combine romanticism and gothic themes, you get a captivating style that takes you back to the Victorian era.

    Romantic Goth

    Romantic goth takes its influence from the romantic era of 1800-1850 but only took off in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This era had qualities that ranged from imagination to feelings and emotion. All these qualities wove their way into art, music, literature and fashion, which are the significant interests of modern romantic goth.

     The romantic goth clothing style features classic details, like velvet, lace, corsets, and flowing materials. The colours are usually dark, mostly black. However, some romantic goth outfits also use brighter colours like pops of red, orange, green, and purple.

     Romantic goths listen to heavily romantic goth-inspired music, with bands like The Cure, Echo & the Bunnymen, etc. The era in which the Romantic Goth style took off offered an escape from the Industrial Revolution and all the stress and pressure surrounding it. Today, romantic goth remains popular thanks to its timeless appeal and historical influences.

    Vampire Goth

    Vampire Goth entails the allure and mystique of vampire mythology and aesthetics. This goth style is like placing yourself in a world where darkness mixes with sophistication. If you're looking for a mysterious, classy look, vampire goth is your style.

     To achieve this look, goth clothing details are essential. You need luxurious fabrics like velvet, lace, and satin, often adorned with intricate details like lace collars and corsets. The centrepiece of the Vampire Goth wardrobe is undoubtedly the velvet cape, flowing dramatically as you enter any room.

     Makeup is also important to achieving this look. Deep, rich colours, like blood-red lips and smoky, mysterious eyes, add to the aura of vampiric allure.

     It should be noted that classic vampire films and literature have contributed significantly to vampire goth. They are sure to get inspiration for this dark and elegant aesthetic.  Whether you're channelling the brooding elegance of Dracula or the seductive charm of Lestat, Vampire Goth clothing allows you to embrace your inner creature of the night with style and sophistication.

    Industrial Goth

    Industrial Goth combines dark aesthetics with the mechanical vibe of industrial music. Imagine a world where grungy factories meet underground clubs with heavy beats.

     Metallic accessories, leather jackets, and combat boots should be your go-to choices for the industrial goth look. The idea is similar to an urban battlefield but makes it fashionable. Bands like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry provide the perfect backdrop for your industrial-inspired adventures. It's a style that's as raw and rebellious as the music that fuels it.

    Steampunk Goth

    The most popular opinion about Steampunk Goth is that it is a fusion of Victorian and Cyber Goth. It is a futuristic fashion with touches of mechanical genius and Victorian styles. If you love science fiction and Victorian literature, Steampunk Goth is for you. This subculture is a fusion of these two elements.

     Steampunk fashion has gained huge popularity over the years. People now convert ordinary phone cases and handheld game consoles into Victorian sci-fi wonders filled with cogs, wires, and bronze metal. They listen to typical Victorian Goth music like Rasputina and musicians like Autumn.

     Do you want to explore this style? All you need to do is get a gothic hoodie, trousers, jackets, boots, top hats, cravats, large dresses, suspenders, gloves or grieves, corsets, and big skirts decorated with cogs, wires, copper and bronze items. You can also get cosplay weapons like a Victorian-futuristic gun or a musket with sci-fi attachments. Finally, your makeup doesn't have to be anything dramatic. It should be minimal and elegant.

    Pastel Goth

    Pastel Goth is another subculture under the Goth culture that combines pastel colours with macabre themes. This goth clothing style became popular in the 2000s and it combined the features of traditional goth elements and kawaii (Japanese word for cuteness). Pastel goth is one of the different expressions of goth that makes it open and accommodating to people with various needs.

     You should incorporate leather, law, skulls and fishnets into your style to achieve this look. The goal is to be subtle yet provocative. They also infuse colours like light shades of pink, baby blue and green to create a mystical look. Another thing to note is that most cybergoths usually dye their hair. You get a cute anime look when you infuse all these things together.

     The pastel goth culture became popular online, drawing its major influence from Korean and Japanese street fashion. Hence, most pastel goths listen to Korean music. Unlike the traditional goth aesthetic, this culture does not have a major music genre.


    There are different goth styles to suit different needs. The best part about these goth styles is that you can choose from various styles — anyone that tickles your fancy.

     We've walked you through various Goth clothing styles—from traditional to cybergoth—so there is something for you. Remember that goth culture is all about expressing yourself and embracing your style, so do not shy away. There is something for everyone. From hoodies to tops to pants and even sweatshirts, you can get all you need to unleash your goth passion in a single click.

     You can start today! It is your style, your story, and your statement! Good luck, Goth Star!

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