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Article: Why Do Goths Wear Crosses?

Why Do Goths Wear Crosses?

Why Do Goths Wear Crosses?

The Goth culture is a movement that represents challenging societal norms. The culture involves dissolving all ideas of order and expectation. Goth culture has many amazing elements including Gothic fashion! Gothic fashion is a fashion style commonly seen among goth people. Goth fashion has a wonderful mystical effect, which includes dark tones and the inspiring mix of Punk fashion style.

Goth fashion has several symbolic items or accessories that accompany an outfit. One of the most popular gothic accessories is the cross. The cross has symbolic meaning in several religions, the most prominent one being christianity. However, in goth fashion, the cross has a separate meaning.

The cross is relatively significant in gothic clothing and it represents darkness, romanticism, and mystery. Most people match their goth crosses with black clothing and silver or gold accessories. This is to show a sense of resistance to the known order or traditional norms of society.

Goth Fashion: An Overview

The emergence of Gothic fashion was in the late 1970s, when the fashion style was derived from Punk style. Gothic fashion has a history of self-expression, resistance, and a special blend of many subcultures that influence each other. The Punk style originates from aggressive music directed towards world injustice.

The puck style initially posed as a movement that emphasized love, acceptance and peace. At the early stages, the majority of punks were anarchists with pent up anger towards the society after the world war. Punk fashion mostly deals with holes and shreds, safety pins, studs, and spikes. They are often DIY.

In the 1980s, Goths found Punk culture to be a bit too aggressive and decided they preferred a darker and rebellious overview of traditional norms. Both Goths and Punks reject the general norms of the society. However, people involved in goth fashion are often poetic and express themselves less aggressively.

Evolution of Goth Fashion

Gothic fashion originates from Victorian and Edwardian fashion. It borrows certain elements from these styles such as their romantic and mourning aesthetics. Goth fashion revolves around lace, corsets, flowing fabrics, and creating ethereal looks. Black became the representative color for Goth fashion.

Music also played an important role in the evolution of gothic fashion. Some musical bands like: The Bauhaus, The Cure, and Sisters of Mercy are major influences and trendsetters for goth enthusiasts around the world. The dark and melancholic music they produce resonates with the goth culture, which in turn influences their fashion choices.

In the 80s and 90s, gothic fashion began to mix more eclectic styles into the subculture. Goths incorporated elements of BDSM fashion, punk aesthetics, and even occult genres into their fashion style. In recent times, leather clothing, vinyl, fishnet stockings and high boots stand as an indication for the goth style. Goth fashion’s evolution reflects its daring and rebellious nature.

As goth became more accepted in the 1990s, its related fashion also started to diversify. Various branches of Gothic fashion emerged, showcasing their own unique style. Traditional Goths maintained their Victorian origins, while Cyber ​​Goths sought after a more futuristic scene. Lolita Goths derive their inspiration from Japanese street fashion.

In recent years, the evolution of Gothic fashion has not stopped, and it has even adapted to contemporary influences. The witchy clothing now incorporates streetwear, high fashion, and alternative wear to its style. This results in a fusion of styles that cannot be categorized.

Goth fashion remains a powerful symbol of individuality and self-expression in the world today. It has transcended its roots and become a respected fashion style that embraces darkness, rebellion, and the beauty of the shadows. Check out our page for your regular or plus size goth clothes.

The Cross In Goth Fashion: More Than A Symbol

The cross is a symbolic item in many cultures, including Goth. In Goth fashion, the cross holds a central motif. Different people have different interpretations of the symbolism of gothic crosses. Although wearing crosses isn’t compulsory in goth culture, the general belief attached to it urges many to wear them. Individuals who are committed to the root of goth fashion wear crosses for the following reasons:

1. Death and Darkness

In christianity, crosses are used to mark graves. Hence, it is not a stretch for individuals to relate the cross symbol with death. It is known that Gothic people embrace the concept of death and darkness. Therefore, the cross is often a part of the outfit of people committed to goth fashion, since it admires mystery and darkness.

2. Believing in the occult

Goth culture inculcates some occult beliefs into its fashion style. It is known that christians wear the cross to represent their belief in God. However, in goth culture, wearing the cross means the opposite. The culture recognizes the existence of ethereal forces, however, they choose to stand with the side of darkness. A popular variant of the cross that occult gothic people wear is the inverted cross that represents their rejection to the belief of death.

3. Non-Darkness Interpretation

Since goth culture is a mix of several subcultures, not all symbols mean the same thing according to different branches. Not all goths wear crosses to represent darkness. Rather, some do it because it has become a part of the fashion adopted by most people that identify as goths.

Cross wearing has become such an important part of goth culture that people have adopted different variations of the cross and associated representative meanings with them. One of the most common non-religious variations of the gothic cross is the Celtic cross. The celtic cross represents everlasting life.

Wearing crosses doesn’t particularly have a general meaning in the goth culture. Most goths wear them with their goth dress to represent personal beliefs and individuality. Most times, the symbolic meaning of a gothic cross is something that only the wearer knows.

Cross Wearing as Jewelry

Whether it represents darkness or not, wearing crosses is a vital part of goth fashion. Hence, we can say the crosses are a form of jewelry since they are intended to look stylish. Most goth crosses are made using metals like surgical steel, sterling silver, and pewter. You will rarely see a plastic goth cross.

Goth crosses come in various designs and colors. The most popular design is a regular plain cross that is similar to that of christians. However, there are many options to choose from in goth culture. Examples of some cross designs you can pick include; cross with daggers, cross and pentagrams, and cross intertwined with barbed wire.

Types Of Crosses Common In Goth Fashion

The Latin Cross

The Latin cross or crucifix, is a representation of the crucifixion of Christ. It is a derivative of the obelisk, used to indicate death. This type of cross started as a pagan symbol in Asian and African countries. It then also became a platform for crucifixion in Ancient Rome. This is the most popular type of cross you will find in goth fashion, although it has many variations.

The Ankh

The ankh, otherwise known as the key of life, is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that represents "life". The Ankh is shaped like a ‘T’ with a droplet-shaped loop on top of it. The Ankh symbol often appeared as a physical object representing either life or related elements like water. The symbol is usually depicted in the hands of ancient Egyptian deities, and it signifies their ability to protect life and revive dead souls in the afterlife.

In recent times, goth fashion has adopted several ancient symbols or signs into their crosses. Some goth crosses come in different shapes that represent some of these symbols from ancient cultures.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is a symbol of clairvoyance. It can be otherwise known as the Large cross or the Cross of Jonah. A celtic cross is like a regular latin cross with a circle around the middle. The circle on the cross symbolizes the sun and eternity.

This cross, which appeared in Ireland before the 8th century, is a symbol of Christ. It is often decorated with carvings and symbolic biblical scenes, such as the fall of man. This is another popular cross in goth fashion.

Tips For Incorporating Crosses Into Goth Outfits

1. Match With Black Staple Clothing

One thing you will always find in common among goths is the color black. To incorporate crosses into your outfit, you should match them with black staple clothing. As a goth, black should be the main color of the outfits in your wardrobe. Invest in plain pants, socks, skirts, and tops.

2. Try Corsets

For people interested in a goth dress, you can try going for corsets if you are trying to maintain that feminine touch to your goth fashion. You can easily match corsets with any gothic cross you have. This style of goth fashion is usually more common among romantic goths.

3. Introduce Leather

Leather is always a great option when it comes to goth fashion. To get that perfect aesthetic look with your gothic cross, you can match it with a pair of leather pants or jacket. Some people even prefer to get a distressed form.

If you are looking for a great place to shop incredible goth fashion items like a goth crop top or gothic hoodie, check out our store.


Crosses have different meanings to goths. Although gothic crosses started out to represent darkness, over the years, they now have more individual interpretations. A goth can wear a cross to signify his or her personal beliefs or struggles. There are many variations of gothic crosses depending on origin, and each variation could symbolize different things.

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